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Crochetin’ my cares away

29 Nov

I was able to find some beauty and actually be thankful today in the midst of my chaos. I had no choice but to slow down. I can’t “take care” of my parents at the hospital (as if they need my care and didn’t raise up my own butt from birth). I can’t go consult my hospital because I’ve got a six year old puker on my hands. I hate tv these days. Honestly, I NEEDED something to DO with all this energy that wants to help, work, fix. Soooooooooo, my bestest bestest number one bestie facetimed me back through our crochet lesson. She has a better handle on life and has made several scarfs since our lesson as opposed to me and my one worm sleeping bag. So I sat. And I chained. And I counted. And I did the double crochet. I made a section. It had an ass. I took it out. I started over pre-ass. The ass went away. Then I went to thinking about how I was at home caring for my sick son and how he’ll remember someday that Mommy took care of him. How I rubbed his back “on top of his shirt” not beneath because his skin felt too sensitive. How I let him germ up my iPad and then lysoled it. How I said that big daddy could bring him pizza for lunch because that’s what he wanted. Little things. But things that are so dear. And then I thought about life being like that crazy scarf. How you’re crocheting along and all of the sudden an ass forms. So you back-track. Sit and figure out where it all went wrong. Take it out. Start over where the ass formed. Next thing you know, the scarf is back to looking right as rain. You can still tell where the ass was but no one else can. Except maybe Jesus. And he helped you fix the ass anyway, so he ought to know. So that’s it. Crochet. Thankful. Beauty from ashes. And asses.






Happy Birthday, Mr. Wendell

23 Jul

Today was our chihuahua’s birthday – Mr. Wendell (aka Winnie).

He’s 70 in dog years and a cute old geezer.  We celebrated with homemade vegan pizza and chocolate vegan cupcakes.  Delish.  For real. 

Why vegan?  Well, funny you should ask cause I’m about to tell you anyway.  So. . . I’ve got the lupus, see, and I’m sick of taking awful medications, see, so I became obsessed with using nutrition to treat disease, see, which led us to a 12-week vegan trial.  Self-run clinical trial at that.  Yep.  I made an appointment with my general practicioner (who is awesome and I LOVE) because my rheumatologist was NOT so receptive to my self-healing shenanigans.  I told him the plan, he said “cool”, drew a bunch of blood, and away we went.  Easy peasy japanesey.  We just completed week four.  CRA-ZY at first but getting much easier every day.  And, honestly, my poop is simply divine.  Ever heard Dr. Oz talk about the S-shaped poop?  Well, guess who has two thumbs and S-shaped poops SEVERAL times a day?  This girl.  It’s truly amazing.  I swear to you.  It’s impressive.  No more floaters.  It’s gorgeous snakes – smooth as a baby’s behind – for me.  Of course I haven’t lost a single pound as opposed to Casey’s 14 pound weight loss at tonight’s weigh in.  Annoying.  BUT I’m completely off one of my meds (cellcept for all of my pharmacist peeps out there) and I’ve cut my other medication’s dose in half (plaquenil for my pharms).  Isn’t that RAD?!?!?!  Ya-freakin-HOOO!  Woot!  Vegans rule!

P.S.  If you read this post, leave a comment.  It’s the right thing to do.  I don’t care if you say “toot face.”  Just say something.  It gives me the will to carry on. . . .

Love, Luli