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Crochetin’ my cares away

29 Nov

I was able to find some beauty and actually be thankful today in the midst of my chaos. I had no choice but to slow down. I can’t “take care” of my parents at the hospital (as if they need my care and didn’t raise up my own butt from birth). I can’t go consult my hospital because I’ve got a six year old puker on my hands. I hate tv these days. Honestly, I NEEDED something to DO with all this energy that wants to help, work, fix. Soooooooooo, my bestest bestest number one bestie facetimed me back through our crochet lesson. She has a better handle on life and has made several scarfs since our lesson as opposed to me and my one worm sleeping bag. So I sat. And I chained. And I counted. And I did the double crochet. I made a section. It had an ass. I took it out. I started over pre-ass. The ass went away. Then I went to thinking about how I was at home caring for my sick son and how he’ll remember someday that Mommy took care of him. How I rubbed his back “on top of his shirt” not beneath because his skin felt too sensitive. How I let him germ up my iPad and then lysoled it. How I said that big daddy could bring him pizza for lunch because that’s what he wanted. Little things. But things that are so dear. And then I thought about life being like that crazy scarf. How you’re crocheting along and all of the sudden an ass forms. So you back-track. Sit and figure out where it all went wrong. Take it out. Start over where the ass formed. Next thing you know, the scarf is back to looking right as rain. You can still tell where the ass was but no one else can. Except maybe Jesus. And he helped you fix the ass anyway, so he ought to know. So that’s it. Crochet. Thankful. Beauty from ashes. And asses.






Lovin’ Jim up in El Reno, OK

21 Oct

Y’all, Saturday was AWESOME!!!  The garage sale in El Reno raised over $2000 for my parents!!!  Fullest heart!!  Deepest, deepest gratitude, respect and thanks to the many volunteers and donators.  I’m going to give shout outs to the ones that I know about.  I know someone will get left off and I hate that but PLEASE post in the comment section if you know of someone that I’ve missed.  HUGE shout out to my second mom, Linda Olson Howard.  She pretty much organized and advertised the whole entire thing.  Spectacular lady.  Love.  HUGE shout out to my old college roommate, Brandi Stevenson Fowler, for reserving the location through her awesome uncle and for helping out with the set-up, sale and clean-up!!!!  Thank you, Brandi!  Thank you, Brandi’s uncle!!!!  Mike Fowler and Bryan Baker (aka field mouse), thank you for using your giant muscles to load that giant armoire.  You totally rock.  Thank you to Margo Loyall and Shouna Loyall Brown for their garage sale supplies/racks/expertise.  Shouna – you TOTALLY rock, girl!!!!!  Garage sale extraordinaire!!!!  Phennette Guay and Nowana Castrop – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.  Worked themselves to the bone.  Shane Mclain and JT – so sweet for helping both days!  Good, good eggs.  Al Guay drove some furniture all the way to Calumet to deliver for some nice people that purchased sale items.  Presh.  Addie Cox, my darling dear, who made the awesome repurposed sale items.  Gorgeous.  LOVE.  I hope Stella is as wonderful as you when she is 14 yrs old.  Truly love you, Addie.  Season Elise Cox!  Thank you for all your hard work and for catching my Garage Sale song on video.  That’s a keeper.  LOL.  I had so much fun with you!  It had been way way too long.  My Jbones, Julie Olson Riggins, I love you for life, sister.  Together come hell or high water.  Thank you.  Janna Lady Humphrey, driving all around the town picking up people’s donations, squirshing them into your vehicle, making my niece and nephie ride with crap squished all around them and on top of their heads.  Love you for life.  You do much more than you ever get credit for.  I notice.

The most gigantic shout out in Loveluli history goes to my precious hottie hubs, Casey Gerber, and my kinda okay brother-in-law, Chad Humphrey. 😉  They went to Medford TWICE before the garage sale with a Uhaul both times to load up all my parents stuff and then delivered the garage sale stuff to the site with the Uhaul – on the day of the huge pile-up on I-35, which they narrowly missed.  CRAY-ZAY.  So thankful for such awesome sons-in-law for my mom and dad.  They are pure gold.  Pure.  Even Chad.  I know, right?!  I love him.  IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII love him.

Okay, now for some pics and vids.  Fun.

It was a great weekend, yall.  I have such a full heart.  Thank you so much to the town of El Reno and all the wonderful peeps that came to support my little family.  Precious.  To those of you that decided not to come, you TOTALLY missed out.  It was a blast.  Great times.  Until we meet again.



Uhhhh, what?!?!?

26 Aug

This is totally inappropriate to blog about, which is precisely why I must do it. Here’s what just happened to me:

So I bought these house numbers for Casey to put by the front door. He decided to work on it this afternoon. While he was outside drilling holes into the brick, I was in the office looking through old pics on the computer for a poster that Stella is making for school. Owen was outside with Casey and Stella was watching Spongebob. Mmmmmkay, the drilling was LOUD. I kept thinking I was hearing knocking, but I just attributed it to Casey’s outdoor shenanigans. The drilling stopped after a good fifteen minutes and Casey came inside to get something. As I was asking him where Owen was, I heard the knocking again on the back door. “Hmmmmm?,” I thought to myself. As I approached the back door, I heard Owen shouting, “Mom! Mom! Hurry!” Side note: these words are never good. I quickly opened the door to find this hot mess.

OMG. The back door was locked, Owen “felt a toot”, he started knocking, no one answered, he made the obvious choice and pooped on the back porch instead of running around the house to the front door where Casey was outside drilling. The End.




26 Oct

I was looking through a box of old pics this evening. Always an adventure! Feast your little eyes on these rad penis hats that Season made for my bachelorette evening. LOL!! Awesome. She ordered “penis-roni” pizza AND she made us keep the hats on when we picked it up. Oh, Seas! Lol. Good times. Good times. Look how young we look! Crazy. If only we’d known then what we know now. Hmmmmm, nope. I don’t think we’d change a thing. Julie’s not in the pic but she had one too. Love you girls! Hope we can get together soon. I’ll make the hats this time. Hmmmmm. . .

Love, Luli


You are going to DIE when you see this. . .

17 Aug

Seriously.  This is too, too much.  I’m so in love.  WAIT until you SEE this painting of Mr. Wendell.  OMG.  Here it is.  As Stella would say, “Ta DAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

It is absolutely divine, gorgeous and amazing.  I.LOVE.IT.  Really.  My crappy iphone camera does NOT do it justice.  The colors are bright and rich and sensational.  Woo freakin’ HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!  My friend from the radical bomb shizelle El Reno High School just happens to be the artist.  Is that crazy, or what?!  That’s right, folks, Mrs. Jenny Murphy-Hayes created this adorable masterpiece.  Can you even stand the cuteness of it? 

I just happened to see a post on facebook about one of Jenny’s other paintings and somehow this crazy theme of my darling Winnie popped into my head.  Stella loves a good tea party, so it only seemed natural that a painting for her room would include one.  And Winnie as the waiter?!?!?!?!  Come on, dudes.  That is straight up awesome.  Anyway, I contacted Jenny and told her my scatterbrained idea and this is what she created.  She’s so awesome.  Seriously, I love it.  Stella could not be more thrilled.  She even posed with her new artwork for a pic after Big Daddy hung it on her wall. 

Yes, she’s wearing her sunglasses with her pajamas.  Yes, she’s giving a “pinkies up” sign instead of the “thumbs up” I told her to do.  Yes, we are going to frame the art.  We just couldn’t wait to hang it.  Please shut up and stop bothering me.  Whatever.  She’s thrilled with her whimsical pooch painted portrait!!  Yahoo!!

If you want to see more of Jenny’s work, you can visit her website at  She does awesome work!!  She also offers once weekly art classes (in El Reno) for grades pre-k through 7th.  Can I please tell you something?  It’s only $49 a month – materials included.  WTH?  That’s craziness.  Sign your kid up right this minute before I spank your bottom.  You can email her at for more info, pricing, etc.  Do it, dawgs!!!!!!!  I love her!!

Love, Luli