27 Aug

I was zooping along Broadway Extension singing loudly to my Woot Woot, Jesus playlist when all of a sudden I spy with my little eye a Hispanic man running out into the middle of the highway because a giant mattress fell out of the back of his truck and was blocking a lane of traffic. SHIZ!!!!!!!!!!! You’ve never seen a woman make a crazier surprised/shocked/oops I crapped my pants face. Scared me to DEATH. Don’t worry, though. I saw him get the mattress safely to the shoulder in my rearview mirror. And then I went to Target and bought some new panties. Because I crapped mine. The End.



One Response to “Craaaaaaaaap!”

  1. Julie August 28, 2012 at 6:52 am #

    HAHAHAHA!!!! I can picture your crazy face!!!

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