22 Aug

Fun day Monday!!!!  TOO much to blog about. 

Stella and I started our day with a trip to El Reno to see Julie’s mom, Linda (aka Memaw), at Great Expectations. 

The shop was closed today so basically we got VIP treatment.  Linda colored my old gray granny roots and then while my color was processing she gave Em and Stell manicures and rides in the beauty shop chair. 


Seriously, you would have thought these girls were at Disneyland.  They thought the chair ride was so fun.  Pump, pump, pump all the way up.  Swiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish all the way down.  And again.  Pure delight.

Guess what else happened?  Julie painted my toenails.  I repeat, Julie painted my toenails.  I shed a little tear looking back at the pictures.  She actually had to touch my toes and she didn’t even dry heave at all.  My toe-phobe bff is growing up!  Sigh.

We lunched at Linda’s and then Julie and I went downtown to Cocobella’s and Ross Seed and Feed.  For real.  We found this article of clothing on the sale rack in Cocobella’s.  It was super cute.  We just weren’t sure how to wear it.  So I made Julie try it on.  Several times.  This was the final verdict.

I think maybe we’re old.  Yep. We are.  Look at that model face with hands in pockets, though.  Totally chic.

I found my life quote at Ross Seed and Feed.  Are you even ready for this?  It’s so freaking deep.  I love it.

I seriously love this so much.  I wish I had bought it.  Shoot.  Do you know how many pharmacy customers would be laying in the W*llgr**ns yard if I put this sign up at work?  The yard would be littered with turd people. 

After our El Reno adventures, we rushed off to our first day of Mommy&Me ballet at Dance Studio One50.  L.O.L.  Seriously, LOVE.  Too precious.  Too divine.  So sweet.  Full heart. 

This is Stella with Lauren-Elaine (Miss LE).  Ummmm, seriously, I think this is Stella’s new favorite person.  She kissed and hugged her 55 times.  SO not Stella’s way.  Honestly, I’m still kinda shocked over it.  Stella LOVED it.  SO FUN!!!  Monday is going to be my new favorite day!  Yay, Miss LE and Dance Studio One50!!!!!!!!!  Yay!

Here are the little twinnies after their first ballet class.  TOO DANG CUTE.

I want to pause time right now and gobble them up.  Ugh, Julie!  We’ll turn around and they’ll be mommas.  How can it be?!?!  Sweet doll baby thangs!!

Ugh, enough of that sap.  And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for:  Goonads.  Owen was giggling uncontrollably at bedtime tonight because apparently the little boy that he met at the mall the other day taught him that “balls” were also called “GOOnads.”  For real, folks.  Goonads.  So our bedtime discussion tonight was about gonads.  Fun times.  It is what it is.  Gray granny root coverage, mani/pedis, chair rides, Ross Seed and Feed, Cocobella’s, Mommy&Me ballet and GOONADS.  Just yer typical Monday.

Love, Luli


4 Responses to “Goonads.”

  1. Julie August 22, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

    And I repeat…Julie painted your toenails. That’s all. the end.. Oh wait then your big toe got stomped on and polish ruined. Lol.
    Seriously…though one of my most favorite days ever.
    Goonads. Haha.

  2. Rona August 22, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    Jared calls criminals and lazy, useless people turds!! He needs that sign too! The girls look precious in there little dance attire!

    • Rona August 23, 2011 at 6:50 am #

      Their not there!! Uggh!

  3. Shirl August 25, 2011 at 6:26 pm #

    All I could think about was what love Julie was showing you by painting your toenails. This is right up there with feet washing. Love you girls and your girls,

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