Shout out.

19 Aug

I wasn’t going to blog tonight because, frankly, I’m tired and sorta grouchy about having to work the weekend BUT my homie for life, Garry Gorman, sent me an anniversary text which propelled me to give a shout out.  Is it my wedding anniversary, you ask?  No.  It’s the anniversary of his near-death experience.  Creepy.  IKR?!?!  Lol.  CUBHAD??  (Can you believe he almost died?)  Here’s the short version (by short, I mean I know I’m leaving out important details so lay off; if you want to know the long version, I’m sure Garry will leave the whole story in a comment if you beg him):

It was August 19, 1997 (exactly one month after Casey and I got married).  Garry Gorman, one of Casey’s groomsmen and a bestie for life, had an awful headache and started wigging out.  His pregnant wife, Nikki, drug him to the car in a stupor and sped to the hospital.  They discovered he had an AV malformation (google it; it’s really bad).  The docs told pregnant Nikki to come in and say goodbye to her husband.  Pause.  Did you read what I just wrote?  They told her to come in and say goodbye to her husband.  She was pregnant with their firstborn child and they told her that her husband was about to die.  Shiz.  Let me remind you, also, that we were KIDS at the time.  I am 35 yrs old right now.  This happened 14 years ago.  Garry is like, um, 4 yrs older than me?  I kinda forgot how old you are Gare.  Sorry.  STILL.  We were kids and he was dying.  Like not breathing, dying, going to Jesus.

Here’s how my side of the story goes:  Casey and I were living in married student housing at SWOSU.  We’d been married for one month.  I was 21 years old, Casey was 22.  Kids. 

Casey’s mom, Midge, called at 6:00 am (heinously early to a 21/22 year old) and told us what happened and that Garry was knocking on death’s door.  I, being the mature 21-year-old wife, threw myself to the floor and wept like a loon.  Casey, being Casey, sat naked on the bed and stared (that’s how he sleeps; don’t judge).  I remember working that day and then piling into the car with Casey’s family and driving to Dallas to try to see Garry before he, well you know, passed.  John (Casey’s dad) made us stay at this crazy Laquinta Inn where one of the bed frames broke when we sat on it.  Why do I remember that?  I do not know.  I just know that it happened.  It was weird.  And I also remember that Casey’s little sister wanted to sleep in the room with me and Casey and it was weird.  Because we were good Christian kids sleeping in the same bed.  Yes, we were married.  But only for one month.  It still felt kinda naughty and strange.  NO we weren’t going to “do it.”  Garry was on his deathbed, for Pete’s sake.  I’m just saying.  We were first married.  We were sleeping in the same bed and his parents knew about it and they also paid for the hotel room.  It was weird, ok?  Don’t judge me.  Let’s get back to Garry, shall we?

Truly, all I remember is that we went in to see Garry and he looked like a crazy Star Trek character with a giant spooky shunt in his head to drain off fluid.  Then he had to poop and we left the room and when we came back it stunk and we didn’t even have enought respect for the “almost dying” to ignore the stink.  Instead, we laughed and made fun of him for stinking up the ICU.  It’s wrong.  Really.  Thank goodness he lived.  Wouldn’t it be awful if I said, “We made fun of him for stinking up the ICU and he got his feelings hurt and then died.”  Really, that’s not even funny.  That’s so rude.  I can’t believe I typed it.  Whatever.

So, we saw him.  He was alive.  He made it through the initial AV blow up and then had to have brain surgery.  Child’s play.  Here’s a pic of a pic that Garry texted me of his head after his surgery.  Creepy.

Look at that haircut.  Awesome.

So anyway, Happy “You Almost Died But Then You Didn’t” Anniversary, Garry Gorman.  I am SO very happy that God had a different plan for you.  You are an inspiration with your marathons and triathalons and all that healthy jazz.  I am so, so proud of you.  You’re a great husband, dad, and friend.  We love you SO much!!!!!

On another note, look how skinny Casey and I are in this picture!  And why did we change out of our wedding clothes to leave the church?  And why is Casey carrying his overnight bag and a pair of sandals?  And look at my cute Grandma Bacon in the background on the right side!  Oh my word, she’s so cute!  I miss her.

That’s all.

Love, Luli


6 Responses to “Shout out.”

  1. Casey August 19, 2011 at 11:20 pm #

    Yeah, the poop stunk. It stunk bad. Sorry, Garry. Love you, though.

  2. Julie August 20, 2011 at 7:56 am #

    Garrrrrryyyyy!!!! So glad there were other plans for you. You rock.
    CBelle. You r crazy as always. I love the wedding pics.. Seems like yesterday! And sweet sweet G-ma Bacon. Awwwwww. So dern cute.

  3. Jantie August 20, 2011 at 8:04 am #

    Bless your young, skinny, precious little just married hearts. Sorry, Case, your after wedding outfit is cracking me up. Gare, I am so glad you are here to celebrate this anniversary. You ROCK! What a nice surprise to see my Gramshee in the background of a pic….Luli, she is a cutie.

  4. Gare August 20, 2011 at 11:12 am #

    First, all I can say is poop happens….even if you have to do it lying in a bed. That is hard work. I remember y’all pointing and laughing. Thanks a lot! I can’t believe it’s been 14 years…wow! My favorite memory is after surgery and we drove to Houston for Thanksgiving and the sneezing episode. Once again the butt of the joke, thanks Christa! In the wedding pic, that’s the fat version of me behind granny, thank God those days are gone. I love your version of the story. Love you guys and thanks for helping me through that time (I think)

  5. Lyneeta August 20, 2011 at 12:32 pm #

    So glad Garry’s around to get a shout out!! I had forgotten the details of that time.
    Always enjoy the pics – they make me smile. Fun to see mama in the background.

  6. Sherri Ernst August 21, 2011 at 10:31 pm #

    I can’t believe it’s been that many years since Garry’s near death experience. Wow how time flies.

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