And the shout out of the day goes to. . .

31 Jul

. . . Jen Hatmaker.  I heard her speak at a Women’s Retreat at Falls Creek in April of 2010.  Her words that weekend gave me confidence to say out loud what I’d been feeling in my heart for a long time.  Very refreshing.  Very healing.  Very inspiring.  She has an awesome blog where she talks about Jesus, Ethiopia, adoption, Texas football (ugh, I know, overlook it) and the church that she and her hubs started with some friends because they were tired of serving the saved and ignoring everyone else. Austin New Church has a mantra “Love Your Neighbor, Serve Your City.”  She documents their adventures as they serve the communties in Austin.  So Rad.  SO Rad.  You gotta see how these cats are changing their city.  Love.

Mmmmmkay, if you want to know anything else about Jen and the Hatmaker Seven just giddyup on over to her blog at You will love her. She’s the heezie, my neezies. Fo shizzle, my nizzles.

Thanks, Jen, for doing what you do.  You are making a difference, sister.  Rock on! 

Go check out her blog, homies.  I like her.  The end.

Oh yeah, she writes books too.  They’re good.  Buy ’em.  You’ll like ’em.  I’d start with Interrupted if I were you.  It’ll jack your shiz right up.  Woot!

Love, Luli


3 Responses to “And the shout out of the day goes to. . .”

  1. Jantie July 31, 2011 at 6:40 am #

    Toots. All the serious tags…then toots. Made me laugh..again. Love you, Luli!!!

  2. Jen Hatmaker July 31, 2011 at 10:19 am #

    Wooohooo!! Thanks for the shout out, sister. Please hurry and find a reason to put your superhero pic on your blog for all the world to see, because that? Is seriously the shiz. Love.

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